Fast and accurate
machine tool simulation

drive innovation through simulation


Simulate structural deformations and geometric accuracy of the complete machine including position dependency due to axis movements.


Analyse the thermo-dynamic behaviour of the machine under consideration of heat sources, sinks, and convection.


Add motors and controllers and analyse the open-loop and closed-loop behaviour of the axes. Everything with a compliant structure.


Calculate thermally induced deformations. Effects of position dependency, controllers, and encoder placement included.

Simulation in the design of machine tools​

Competing successfully in the market means constantly increasing performance and quality at ever lower prices. Do you develop innovative machine tools of high performance and wonder how to increase precision or dynamics even further? 

Discover how simulation can bring you to the next level!

Why simulate?

Revolutionary concepts come at a high risk as their effects can’t be checked before a prototype is built. Thus, design engineers have to stick with proven concepts and incremental evolution. 

The result is, in the most common case, similar products with minor improvements only. In the worst case, a new product may fail due to unforeseen issues which can have a severe impact on your business.

Virtual prototypes, based on the simulation of the whole machine tool, enable testing new design concepts at a low cost.

Why MORe?

MORe is a software tool that helps you to efficiently create accurate virtual prototypes of your machine tools. Several years of experience have proven that the simulation tool is a key asset to boost innovation.

We believe that effects of changes should be predictable in early design phases with manageable effort. Nobody should have to suffer from sleepless nights, worried if performance goals can be achieved. That’s why we are committed to provide tailored solutions to help you achieve your design targets. 

Our clients say

“I’m a user of MORe since 2017. I can say that this software totally changed the development workflow of a new machine at our company. Now we have specific software functionalities, developed ad-hoc, that allow us to better design our machines and save a lot of time and money. Thanks to the flexibility of the MORe team, we are better understanding the physics behind our machine systems – and how we can improve it with the Model Based Design.”

“I’ve been using MORe for about four years now. In the meantime, the software has become an indispensable tool for the dynamic design of our machines. This enables us to predict the behaviour of the machines more accurately and there are less iterations necessary in the development process. If problems occur, there’s always fast and helpful support.”

Model a machine in one day…​​​

… and start exploring your design. With MORe, design iterations can be performed fast and systematically, leading you faster to a successful product.

In order to keep up with the high pace in development departments, all aspects of simulation have to be efficient and accurate.

You can build the virtual prototype that allows you to evaluate the performance of the machine tool in terms of mechanical, mechatronic, and thermo-mechanical properties.

A MORe model builds a common platform for interdisciplinary collaboration between engineers throughout the development department, dealing with thermo-mechanical, mechanical, and control aspects.

… or let us do the work for you

Do you have limited personnel resources? We are happy to apply our methods and tools for you as a service. 

We are part of inspire AG, a research center dedicated to technology transfer for innovation in the industry – with 20 years of experience in machine tool development and analysis. Thus, we are backed by the main partner for machine tool research in Switzerland.

How to start?

Ramp up simulation in the design of machine tools in four steps with us

  1. Determine if MORe is the right tool for you
    Get to know MORe and our services in a free presentation and Q&A session. Let’s find out if MORe suits your needs.

  2. Analyse the initial state
    Together we analyse the initial state focusing on your interests and needs. The goal of a preliminary discussion is to decide what is the best way to collaborate.

  3. Gain confidence with simulation
    Establish a model of a machine tool and a process to evaluate the performance of your machine tool. We support you throughout the process to make sure you can start off smoothly.

  4. Embed simulation in the design process
    To take full advantage of simulation in the design of machine tools, it is crucial to implement it seamlessly into your development process.

Be creative - be certain - be successful!

With MORe, you get a complete set of tools to challenge your creativity, try innovative ideas, and gain confidence in your designs. Drive innovation in your company!

Frequently asked questions

MORe is a comprehensive software specifically tailored to machine tool simulation and also a team that supports clients at all stages.

Yes. A MORe subscription applies to a business site. You can install it as often as you want and there are no restrictions in terms of number of users.

MORe uses finite element models from ANSYS Mechanical. Therefore a working installation of ANSYS Mechanical is required (ANSYS version 16 or later). The required license is

  • for mechanical-only use of MORe: ANSYS Mechanical Pro
  • for thermo-mechanical use of MORe: ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise.

Yes, one year.

The subscription period is one year and is automatically renewed, unless the subscriber cancels the subscription with a notice period of three months.

Yes, an upgrade is possible at any time. The validity period then begins anew. Prepaid amounts of current subscriptions will be credited pro rata.

Downgrading is possible at the end of any subscription period.

No. MORe is a product of inspire AG. The MORe team is dedicated to ensure continuity, development, and services around MORe at inspire AG.

Development of MORe started in 2011 and it is used commercially since 2016. Since then, MORe has continuously been improved in terms of features, user experience, and robustness.

MORe is pronounced like the English word more (phonetic mɔː)

Check the vacancies on the inspire AG page or contact us directly with your CV and motivation letter.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us!