What we offer

Pushing the performance of machine tools to the next level requires innovative solutions. A virtual prototype provides a cost-efficient way of evaluating new machine tool concepts. We provide a simulation software and procedures that help our clients to evaluate the performance early in the design process so they can develop innovative products that meet the requirements precisely.

  • Simulation software MORe
    Our simulation software MORe is a comprehensive tool you can use to investigate the mechanical, thermal, and thermo-mechanical behaviour of your machine tool.
  • Services
    Our services include courses for mechanical, thermal, and thermo-mechanical models, short term support for questions concerning MORe models and consulting for mid-term solutions. If there are questions that need more effort we would love to launch a research project with you to boost innovation.
  • Publications
    Please have a look at the publications that were created using our simulation software MORe.
  • Documentation
    Check the MORe documentation if you are interested in how the workflow of MORe is. You can always go back to the updated, comprehensive documentation during the development of your models.