Gear up your motors

We have just released a new MORe version! We have added the geared motor as a new feature, so modelling controllers is now even better. As usual, you can load your models into the latest MORe version as we have taken care of backwards compatibility. You will find this and more described below.

Let's see whats new

Gear motor

Until now, MORe has had two types of motors for control. In the no motor setting, the setpoint is passed directly to the motor connection. The equivalent motor mass, on the other hand, includes an additional motor inertia so that it did not have to be modelled in the FEM. With the newly implemented gear motor, it is possible to model a motor including rotor and gear inertia, whereby the gear reduction is also taken into account. This makes the modelling of the controller even more accurate.

Offline installer

We have developed a new installer that works without an internet connection during the installation process. The disadvantage is that the installation file is larger than with the online installer. If possible, you should still use the online installer. You can download both the online and offline installer for MORe 4.2 from the download centre on our website.

Support and request form

Is there something not working with MORe? Is there a nice feature you would like to see in MORe? Or would you like to give us some feedback? On our website in the customer portal you will find the MORe Customer Request form, which is used as a ticket system. Submit it and we will get back to you as soon as possible. However, you can still reach us at

Bug fixes

We have changed the default solver for frequency response analysis to pyhton. The slycot solver should only be used with caution, as it leads to errors with ill-conditioned matrices. You can find more fixed problems in the changelog on the download page. We recommend that you work with the latest version to eliminate these unpleasant errors.

That’s it! Download the latest version now to work with the best MORe so far. Let us know what you think of it.

Joel Purtschert

Hi, I'm Joel! I completed my MSc ETH ME in August '19. During my studies I worked for MORe, and since October '19 I'm a fulltime MORe-Developer.

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