Rayleigh damping#

Before MORe version 4.2, this is the default damping system.

A machine tool can be described using equation [1], where \(M\) is the mass matrix, \(D\) is the damping matrix and \(K\) is the stiffness matrix.

\[M \ddot{x} + D \dot{x} + K x = 0 \quad [1]\]

Using the rayleigh damping model, the system is proportionally damped with the damping matrix \(D = \alpha \cdot M + \beta \cdot K\).


Mass proportional damping coefficient, multiplies mass matrix \(M\). Responsible for the damping at low frequencies.


Stiffness proportional damping coefficient, multipies stiffness matrix \(K\). Responsible for the damping at high frequencies.

Reset damping model#

Set \(\alpha\) and \(\beta\) back to 10.0 and 1e-5, respectively.