Specify moving axes consisting of one or multiple components. Change the name of the axis and define if the axis is linear or rotary.

Axis componenets

Select all components that move together. It moves the desired components from available models to selected models.


In the following figure, the three components (X-Axis, Z-Axis and Z-Screw) which move together in x-direction are labeled. These three components have to be moved from available models to selected models.

DOF definition

Define the moving direction or rotation axis. They are defined using local coordinate systems of available interfaces. e.g. rotation axis for a spindle is defined using the local reference system of a bearing interface. The axis defines the movement direction for linear or the rotation axis for rotary axis using the local coordinate system.

In the example above, the selected interface is one of the guides on the gray bed component.

Axis position

Change the position of the axis in the direction defined in DOF definition. Check if the axes are correctly defined.