MORe IDE integration#

To use the MORe scripting API MORe can be integrated into an IDE.


Starting with MORe 5.1, Spyder is no longer installed into the MORe environment by default. In order to continue using Spyder, Spyder standalone has to be installed.


Download the installer from and follow the instructions of the installer.

Integrate MORe#

  1. Start Spyder from the Start Menu

  2. Go to Tools → Preferences → Python interpreter

  3. Select “Use the following python interpreter”, navigate to the MORe environment and select python.exe (usually %localappdata%/Continuum/Miniconda3/envs/more/python.exe)

    python interpreter selection
  4. Restart the console by clicking the cross next to “Console 1/A”

  5. Open startup script from MORe installation directory (usually %localappdata%/MORe/python/MORe.ipy). Make sure to allow the opening of .ipy files in the file dialog.

    python file open dialog
  6. Run the startup script.

    python file open dialog



Download PyCharm Community from and follow the instructions of the installer.

Integrate MORe#

  1. Start PyCharm from the Start Menu

  2. Select “open project”

  3. In the dialog select the python folder in the MORe installation directory (usually %localappdata%/MORe/python)

    pycharm open project
  4. Open Settings → Project: python → Python Interpreter. Then select “Add interpreter”

    pycharm select interpreter
  5. Chose “Conda environment” and make sure the path to the conda executable is set (usually %localappdata%/Continuum/Miniconda3/condabin/conda.bat). Then press “Load Environments”

    pycharm select conda executable
  6. Select “Use existing environment” and select “more” from the dropdown.

    pycharm select interpreter
  7. From the run configuration drop down select “Edit Configurations”. Then add a new python configuration. Modify the following parameters:

    • Name: MORe

    • Script path: select from more installation directory/python (usually %localappdata%/MORe/python/

    • Python interpreter: Make sure the more environment is selected.

    • Run with Python Console: tick

    pycharm add run configuration