Custom studies#

In a custom study, the behaviour of jobs and tuned parameters is similar to that from the tabular study, however the user interaction is performed automatically in the background using a ‘custom study’ python script (instead of via the GUI). Nontuned parameters will take the default values for that job type unless they are altered explicitly.

Open file#

Click here to open the dialog window for locating & opening the custom study python script file. After opening, the filename and time/date of its last modification will be displayed.

Export file#

Click here to export the opened custom study script (a .py script will be exported)

Load variables#

Click here to load the variables defined in the custom study script.


After the variables of the custom study have been suitably adjusted, the run button will create the jobs and start the study calculations.

Example custom study for creating homogeneously spaced static jobs along an axis#