Model preparation for tabular modal damping

Run a damped modal analysis in ANSYS to get the modal damping ratios that can be used in the tabular modal damping model.


First select the damped modal analysis, then export the component by using the Export for MORe ACT Extension. The ANSYS Mechanical solver will then calculate the modal damping ratios, then the component will be exported. After successful export, the following files should be created and in the .wbmore-file:

  • MORe files: MORe.cdb, MORe.mass, MORe.stiff, MORe.topo, MORe.mapping

  • Additionaly: MORe.DAMP (if thermal information was exported)

  • The modal damping table: mode_damping.csv


New component

Right-click on components and select import ANSYS model. Go to the .wbmore-file and click on it to start the import.

Existing component

Right-click on the component and select reload ANSYS model or reload ANSYS mode damping and go to the folder with the .wbmore-file and click on it to start the reload. Selecting reload ANSYS model reloads the whole component, clicking on reload ANSYS mode damping reloads only the mode damping table.

Use of tabular modal damping inside MORe

For further details on how to use tabular modal damping inside MORe, see Tabular modal damping

License requirements

A higher ANSYS Mechanical license is required for the export of tabular modal damping ratios. Please check the Installation section for more information.