Common features

Available analysis types

Information on each analysis type is provided in the Analyses section.

The analysis types which can be accessed through the studies & jobs are the following:

  • Modal

  • FRF mechanical

  • Static mechanical (including thermo-mechanical)

  • Static thermal

  • Transient mechanical

  • Transient thermal

The analysis types which can not be accessed through the studies & jobs are the following:

  • Stiffness

  • FRF thermal


Jobs are the core building block of both tabular and custom studies.

Job Type


Periodic response

A linear transient analysis carried out in the frequency domain with temporally periodic boundary conditions. Produces periodic results in the time domain.


Perform a modal analysis of the system. It can help to check if all interfaces and links are well defined. Uses overall mass and stiffness of a structure to find the various periods at which it will naturally resonate. It uses the mass and stiffness matrices to find the modes of the machine. Physics type shows if it is a mechanical or thermal analysis.

Static mechanical

Static analysis where the long-term effect of an change to a system is calculated without regard to the short-term response.

Transient thermal

Performs a transient thermal analysis. For example, time varying temperatures and heat flows can be applied.


Aggregates the results of multiple jobs into a single result to ease processing of results. For example, the results from multiple static mechanical jobs at different axis positions can be aggregated to allow display on a single plot.

Static thermomechanical

Analyses thermally induced mechanical deformations of the system. Can simultaneously take into account mechanical loads.

Transient mechanical

Performs a transient mechanical analysis. For example, time varying forces/moments, setpoints (position/velocity), and accelerations can be applied.

FRF mechanical

Dynamic characterization of the systems transfer function response in the frequency domain.

Thermal steady state

Perform a thermal steady state analysis. Calculate the temperature distribution in the model ignoring transient effects.

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