Context menu#

Show/Hide all components#

Show/Hide all components in the composition.

Hide all interfaces#

Hide all visible interfaces.

Update all interfaces#

Update all the interfaces in the composition.

Update all systems#

Update all the systems in the composition.

Set current pose as reference#

Define the current pose as the reference pose.

Reset to reference pose#

Reset the current pose to the reference pose.

Reset to import pose#

Reset the current pose to the import pose.

Import ANSYS model#

Import a new component created in ANSYS. Load a MORe.wbmore created by the ANSYS ACT Exporter or a MORe.cbd file created by the exportForMORe macro. If a MORe.cbd file is used, it is important that the following files, which are also created by the exportForMORe macro, are in the same folder: MORe.mapping, MORe.mass, MORe.stiff and MORe.topo, MORe.damp (MORe.damp is only created if thermal properties are exported).