Tabular modal damping#

A machine tool can be described using equation [1], where \(M\) is the mass matrix, \(D\) is the damping matrix and \(K\) is the stiffness matrix.

\[M \ddot{x} + D \dot{x} + K x = 0 \quad [1]\]

Using the tabular modal damping model, a specific modal damping coefficient can be applied to each mode of the system.

Reset damping model#

Set the modal damping coefficient back to 0.01.

Default damping value#

Modal Damping coefficient applied to every mode.

Set all to default#

Set the modal damping coefficient of all modes in the table to the default damping value.

Get from original system#

Extract from a damped modal analysis in ANSYS: Model preparation for tabular modal damping

After importing the ANSYS-Export component into MORe, this button will be clickable. Clicking on it will map the modal damping coefficients of the modes calculated by the damped modal analysis of ANSYS to the table in MORe.

The table can be copied into excel and back to MORe to change the modal damping coefficients in excel. It is important that the headers of the table that is to be imported into MORe matches the headers in MORe.