Thermal frequency response analysis#

Qualitative measure of a system or device in response to a thermal stimulus used to characterize the behavior of a system. Thermal characterization of the transfer function response of the composition in frequency domain.

Axis positions#

Define the position of the axis. Default is (0,0,0).


Open the load case container, where load cases can be defined (CTRL+K on load case to configure).

Add load case#

Add a load case to the load case container. To configure the load case, click CTRL+K on the load case.

Thermal load#

Define the thermal load that is applied to the system. Three types of thermal loads can be defined.


Thermal load


Convection load applied to entity in [K]

Heat flux

Heat flux load apploed to entity in [W/m^2]

Heat flow

Heat flow load applied to entity in [W]

Add convection load#

Add a convection load to the load case.

Add heat flux load#

Add a heat flux load to the load case.

Add heat flow load#

Add a heat flow load to the load case.


By right-clicking on the number in the first column, the load can be deleted.

Frequency range#

Define the frequency range for the thermal frequency response analysis.

Number of points#

The number of points defines how many steps between the minimal and maximal frequency are taken.

Start calculation#

Start the calculation of the frequency response analysis.

Context Menu#


Duplicate the selected analysis.


Delete the selected analysis.

Move up#

Move the selected analysis one step up.

Move down#

Move the selected analysis one step down.